Town of Huntington Housing Authority office is closed to the public. Our office is accessible by phone or e-mail. We can be reached at (631) 427-6220, Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Documents can be left in the drop slot on the building or e-mail to


LANDLORDS: Effective January 1, 2023 the updated policy in the Administrative Plan (listed here) will be in effect:

The Lease governs rent increases. To receive a rent increase, the Owner must send the request for a rent increase to the Participant and send copy of the request to the HHA sixty (60) days prior to the anniversary of the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract and must include the new rent amount the owner is proposing. For example, if the HAP contract anniversary date is May 1, the owner must submit their request for a rent increase by March 1 to be effective for May 1.

Board Meeting

Regular Board Meeting Scheduled:

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at 6PM

Zoom Link will be available here 15 minutes prior



Voting Is Easy

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Business Opportunities

As a public housing authority, HHA is bound by New York State Laws, HUD regulations, and other local requirements governing public purchasing. HHA operates within the HHA Procurement Policy for business transactions.

Landlord Resources

HHA issues vouchers to eligible households to rent units just as any unsubsidized renter. The landlord determines renter suitability.
Voucher participants pay 30% to 40% of their income toward rent and utilities. The remaining rent is paid by HHA directly to the landlord by Housing Assistance Payments (HAP).

Housing Services

HHA has 40 units at Millennium Hills, a mixed development in Melville, NY; 40 units at Gateway Gardens, an independent public corporation to provide federally subsidized public housing for low-income residents; and 573 Housing Choice Vouchers aka Section 8.

Housing Discrimination Based On Source of Income

Pamphlet with Source of Discrimination Information

Reasonable Accommodations

Regulation 46615 Notice Disclosing Tenants Rights to Reasonable Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities