Procurement at Town of Huntington Housing Authority strongly encourages minority-owned and women-owned businesses, socially and economically disadvantaged business enterprises, HUD Section 3 businesses, and small businesses to submit bids and proposals, or to participate as subcontractors, suppliers, or partners on HHA contracts.

We look forward to doing business with you.

How To Do Business

As a public housing authority, Huntington Housing Authority (HHA) is bound by New York State laws, HUD regulations, and other local requirements governing public purchasing. Thus, HHA operates in accordance with the HHA Procurement Policy which has been created to comply within the guidelines of the appropriate purchasing rules, laws, and regulations for all HHA business transactions.

Types of Contract Opportunities

The following is a sample listing of the contracting opportunities available with HHA:

Construction/Architecture/Engineering Services
Examples: Building renovations, building system upgrades, site improvements, and painting

Maintenance and Repair Services
Examples: Exterminating, lawn care, vehicles, and office equipment

Professional Services
Examples: Legal counsel, accounting, and auditing

Informational Technology
Examples: Network consultant/administrator, and hardware/software maintenance

Goods and Materials
Examples: Building materials, office supplies, equipment/machinery, playground equipment, and appliances

Methods of Procurement

Small Purchases – Informal solicitations for most purchases estimated to be between $501 and $25,000 for construction and between $501 and $10,000 for goods and services, HHA Staff will issue a request for quotations to qualified sources. Quotations will be received until the specified day and time indicated on the request. Contract award will be made to the best value offer.

Contracts estimated over $10,000 will be advertised and available upon request through this website and in the RHA Procurement Office.

RHA will only solicit sources for contracts estimated to be under $10,000. The best way to be solicited for a contracting opportunity under $10,000 is to be listed in the RHA Contractor Database.

Sealed Bids – Formal solicitation of an “Invitation for Bids” (IFB) is used for purchases of goods and services estimated at $25,000 or more and construction projects estimated at $50,000 or more. All formal competitive solicitations are publicly advertised in Newsday and on this website. In addition, IFBs are usually mailed directly to potential offerors from the HHA and town vendor  database. Contracts will be awarded to the lowest reasonable and responsible bid. Public bid openings are held at the specific time and date stated in the IFB. During the bid opening, only the name of the vendor and total amount is read aloud. Vendors are welcome to attend the bid openings.

Request For Proposals – Formal solicitation for a Request for Proposals (RFP) is used for purchases of goods and services estimated at $10,000 or more. An RFP is used when it is necessary to base award on factors other than just cost, such as with most professional services. The RFP shall clearly define factors used to determine the successful provider. Award will be based on the “best value” not on the lowest price. The “best value” is usually the most qualified source that is willing to provide services at a reasonable cost.

Sealed bids and proposals must be received, and time stamped by the HHA prior to the submittal deadline. All late bids/proposals are returned to the offeror without being opened.

Insurance/Bonding Requirements


A minimum level of liability insurance will be required for all construction, maintenance, professional, IT, and other service contracts. Amounts stated may vary for particular procurement requests depending on source of funding as well as contract amount. Specific insurance requirements will be provided with each procurement request.

  1. General Liability – Covering bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage in an amount not less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. $2,000,000.00 per aggregate.
  2. Workers Compensation – In accordance with NY State statutory requirements
  3. Automotive Liability – Covering bodily injury and property damage in an amount not less than $1,000,000.00 combined
  4. Umbrella Insurance – not less than $5,000,000.00 providing excess coverage over all limits.

Professional Liability – containing errors and omissions coverage in an amount net less than $1,000,000.00

Proof of insurance must be submitted to HHA directly from the insurance company on an Acord “Certificate of Insurance” form with the following information:

Type of insurance(s)

Policy number(s)

Effective Date(s)

Expiration Date(s)

Minimum Limit(s)

List HHA as a Certificate Holder and the form shall state that HHA is to receive written notice of cancellation thirty (30) days before cancellation.

All insurance shall be carried with companies, which are financially responsible and admitted to doing business in the State of New York.


  • A 5% bid guarantee for all construction contracts.
  • A form of payment and performance bond from the awarded contractor is required on any construction contract.
  • Additional details regarding bonding requirements are described in HUD form 5369 “Instructions to Bidders for Contracts” under sections “9 – Bid Guarantee” and “10 – Assurance of Completion.”

Vendor Application