Employment Opportunities

Working at Huntington Housing Authority (HHA)

Town of Huntington Housing Authority is a federally funded agency providing housing to low-income families and seniors. At present, HHA employs people in various job classifications. Established in 196, HHA is governed by its own Board of Commissioners.

HHA is a Civil Service Employer, and work with the Town of Huntington in this endeavor, within Civil Service, there are two broad employment categories, one of which is subject to Civil Service examination. For those positions that are subject to examination, HHA will look to current Civil Service listings of candidates who have already taken the given position exam. For more information on Exam Announcements, go to In all cases, candidates will be required to complete a HHA employment application (if the candidate is not on a current Civil Service List for that position). Candidates must meet the minimum qualifications for the job classification to be considered for the position. Every job classification will have different education, training and experience requirements.

HHA is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race or national origin for any of its positions. We encourage diverse applicants to apply.

Test Guides published by the New York State Department of Civil Service are usually targeted to specific, entry-level titles. Test Guides are not provided for every examination. If a Test Guide is provided for an examination, information about the guide will appear on the examination announcement. Test Guides are designed to familiarize candidates with the format of the test.

Current Postings

Office Assistant