Direct Deposit


As part of our continuing efforts to improve the services we provide Town of Huntington Housing Authority provide registration for direct deposit.
To use the resource, you will need to complete the information on the LINK below. Please be prepared to include:

• The name of the individual or company to which the check is made payable
• Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number (TIN)
• Mailing Address
• Valid E-Mail address
• Acceptable bank account information

Once you complete the form submit it with your uploaded voided check or bank letter (letter provided by your bank with your account number, bank routing number and type of account), no starter checks or deposit slips.) Or print the form and mail, fax, or email along with either a voided check or bank letter using the following contact information:

Town of Huntington Housing Authority
Finance Department
1A Lowndes Avenue
Huntington Station, NY 11776
(631) 427-6228 (fax)

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